About Us

Dave Hunt - Chairman and Founder

Our Story

We love information technology. It is necessary for modern life. Whether finding a restaurant, communicating with friends, or paying taxes. We use it every day. 

In Cambodia, we find that young people are finding it difficult to use IT effectively, sometimes not knowing how to use it at all. In many cases there was no training in it. See here for more about our classes

Our goal is to introduce basic IT skills to students. To see how this applies to you (school or student, visit this page)

After observation and much discussion, we concluded that the best way to help was to provide school-based training classes to students. 

Ken Hughes - CTO and Founder

Our Purpose

There are 3 main points:

To assist schools in the use and understanding of information technology. This will enable teachers to teach IT skills to students.

To help students develop basic IT skills. Increase their knowledge of Google (search), email, social media, how to stay safe online and more. In fact, these are all essential topics in business or personal life.

To create interest in careers in the field of information technology, a greater understanding of the field of information technology and the role (job) in the field of information technology. 

Alan Clarke - Teaching Advisor and Founder

Who are we?

Dave. Former CEO (CEO) of a software company. Has a history of programming, technical support, consulting, product management, marketing, sales and general management. In his spare time he creates websites for friends.

Ken. Former Chief Technology Office (CTO). He is now a Director of Development at a larger company, responsible for development, software testing and technical support. Ken has a high level of technical knowledge in computer systems and internet technologies. In his spare time, he runs long distances (24-hour races).

Alan. He is the head of the English teaching department at a school in Thailand. He is a highly experienced teacher and helps us understand what teachers need to be successful. 

We are part of the charity To Grow An Orchid – which promotes education to young people in Cambodia. From the ages of 15 to 20.

Many thanks to Wots The Big Idea who provide students with development websites for their education.