Welcome to IT Club Cambodia

IT Club presents

First Steps to a Digital Economy

Cambodia needs all young people to:

Understand the concepts of a Digital Economy, including how to:

  • Use Social Media without fear
  • Use Google effectively
  • Use email for business, education and family
  • Protect yourself and your data with Passwords and backup
  • Identify and protect Personal & Private Information
  • Stay safe online

Cambodia aims to become a Digital Economy.

It needs young people to become digitally aware and help their friends and families become aware. IT Club helps students grade 10, 11, 12, vocational and degree students become IT literate.

How can you do this?

Follow our Facebook page, look at our website or ask your school to become involved.

Our Facebook page publishes short videos to make you aware of IT basics. You can also see them on our website.

IT Club videos will explain

  • Difference between Scams and Phishing
  • About Malware and Viruses
  • What is a good and bad password?
  • How to create your own Facebook page for hobby or business
  • About free software, for your phone or computer
  • How to identify dangerous links on your phone or in email.
  • Explaining about advertising
  • Understanding how to search Google and the Internet effectively
  • Understanding roles for girls in IT
  • Different careers in IT
  • How to easily manage all your passwords – for free
  • Understanding websites, how they are made

IT Club has produced courses on all these topics. 

We have given them to some schools to give to their students. If you want to know more contact us, or ask your school to contact us. Use Facebook or Contact Page on our website.