Company Data Breaches

How do I know if my information has been hacked

data breach - theft of company or private information

Company Data Breaches

This is when a company’s computer systems have been hacked and data stolen.

In a Data Breach the information could be company financial information (to extort the company) or your information. Both are serious, but if it is your information you need to think what information the company holds about you.

If you think that passwords and being careful is difficult – it is much more complex for companies. There are many hackers in the world trying to gain access – then bribe them for large amounts of money. Even for a small organisation like ITClub-Cambodia – there will be many hacking attempts on our website each day

When the hackers get the information they could have all your details. Name, address, date-of-birth, bank account numbers, identity number, phone number …. Possibly passwords

This information can be used to impersonate you – or to bribe you.

How do I know if my private information has been hacked

This website tracks many of the largest data breaches in the world.

You (student) are unlikely to be on here – but once you start in the commercial world, buying things or registering with a company then it is possible.

pwned is an internet term meaning your data has been acquired by someone who should not have it.

Here is my old email address –

It is not my fault that the data has been hacked.

But it teaches me to:

  • Be careful who you register with
  • Use long passwords and/or change passwords regularly

This website tells me what information has been stolen.

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