Welcome to IT-Club Cambodia

Information Technology training in Cambodia

IT education provided by IT-Club for schools in Cambodia. Our target is to help the Information Technology knowledge in rural Cambodia. We also provide short online videos and post to raise IT awareness.

All students need greater understanding of digital technology whether as a career of for everyday use. Some IT training is essential.

Together we can learn

Understanding IT in business

Objectives of IT Club Cambodia

IT-Club helps students in Cambodia improve their IT skills. 

Our objectives are:
1 – to help all students understand more about Social Media, Google, computers
2 – encourage students to think about a career in Information Technology

To understand more about us, see this page

IT Club provides free IT education to schools

Social Media and how to be more effective

Using Google and Internet Search

Staying safe online

How to create a website

Applications you need for your computer or phone (backup, passwords, anti-virus)

Why use Email and how to use it

Understanding IT in business